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good friday broadcast

because we've never needed grace more

Watch the global broadcast that premiered on Friday, Mar 29, 2024 which God used to impact over 330 million people, causing more than two million individuals say “yes” to the Gospel.

Discover the depths of God’s love for you when you watch the Anthem of Grace Good Friday Broadcast. This online broadcast event features musical performances by Miel San Marcos and Steven Curtis Chapman. Nick Hall will share a powerful message inviting you to join the anthem of God’s grace sung over you through the cross of Christ and share your own story of amazing grace.


featured artists

Nick Hall on Fox & Friends 2024

Nick Hall had the opportunity to invite people on Fox and Friends to join the global campaign, Anthem of Grace, following his appearance at Jesus Week in Times Square.

Nick Hall in Times Square NYC

Nick Hall and Pulse Evangelism joined Jesus Week in Times Square to bring the message of God’s grace to the heart of New York City.

"Amazing Grace . . . for me, for you, for them, for all."