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A global movement celebrating and sharing the transformative power of grace found in Jesus. An initiative to inspire and empower individuals worldwide to embrace the life-changing message of home and grace.

next steps

If you put your faith in Jesus Christ as a result of Anthem of Grace, let us hear about. We love you and want to welcome you into God’s family! Like any family, it’s not perfect, but it’s anchored in the grace and love that God has shown to all of us. So reach out. Share your story. And let us guide you through the next steps.


about nick hall

Nick Hall is the Founder & President of Pulse Evangelism, author of the book Reset, and one of today’s leading evangelistic voices to the next generation. He’s preached the Gospel to over 330 million people worldwide and is committed to telling people about Jesus wherever he goes, for the rest of his life.

Nick & Pulse Evangelism

Since its founding, Pulse Evangelism has been on mission to do one thing—Make Jesus Known through reaching the lost and unleashing the evangelist. We do this through the vehicles of evangelism training and in person and digital events.

"Amazing Grace . . . for me, for you, for them, for all."